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    Integrity without compromise...

    Midwest only performs to the highest moral and ethical standards in dealing with its

    clients and vendors which results in saving our clients thousands of dollars each

    and every year. Midwest Utility Consultants performs as if an addition to your staff.

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    " They are always very thorough in their research

    and I believe have come up with the best possible

    rate for us... "

    -Kevin Boyle [Controller]

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    Performance Based...

    we work hard to save your facility money

What We Do

Midwest Utility Consultants is a professional cost recovery company specializing in lower rates to include such utilities:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water and Sewer
  • Storm Water
  • Waste Removal
  • Recycling
  • Cardboard, Pallets (Buy & Sell), Vinyl, Metal, Styrofoam, Granite, Sawdust, and Sludge

  • Local & Long Distance Telephone
  • Internet Service
  • Wireless Service
  • Fire & Alarm
  • Fire and Burglar

  • Fire & Alarm Maintenence
  • Alarm System, Fire Extinguisher, Exit Lights, Sprinkler, Fire Hydrant, Kitchen Hood Systems and Cleaning, Paint Booth Systems, Backflow, Card Access Systems, Intrusion Systems and Camera Systems

  • Information Technology
  • Web Hostng, Email Hostng, Cloud Storage, Remote Back‐up, Virtual Server, Server and Networking Installation, Integration, Maintenance and Repair, Technical Support, Virus and Spyware Protection and Removal and Web Design, Development and Marketng

  • Chemicals
  • Commercial Dishwashers, Commercial Laundry, Cleaners, Floor Wax and Strippers, Soaps and Industrial

  • Coffee
  • Craft Coffee at a reasonable price

Our expertise includes billing audit and verifications, rate analysis and optimization, general utility consulting as well as open-market procurement services. We help businesses and organizations recover overpayments and achieve utility cost savings — improving overall profitability.

Utility Providers

A Sample of Utility Providers We Work With

Disclaimer: The utility companies shown are not paid by nor do they endorse Midwest Utility Consultants, Inc. and its business practices. The individual logos are shown strictly as an example of those utility companies that Midwest Utility Consultants works with to reduce its clients’ utility expenses.

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How We Do It

Our focus is to assist our clients in saving money on their utility costs. We work diligently to do this by approaching the analysis in two ways. First, by analyzing existing invoices (gas; electric; telephone; waste and water) to determine if your organization is on the most effective tariff; as well as to determine potential savings from applying and removing riders; overcharges; and other similar billing errors. We also examine your current contractual obligations, current prices, and various billing anomalies.

Industries We Serve

Industries served by Midwest Utility Consultants Include...







Other industries we serve:

  • Hotels & Condos
  • Restaurants
  • Country Clubs
  • Sports Centers & Gyms
  • Summer Camps & Campgrounds
  • Bowling Lanes
  • Gas Stations
  • Radio Stations
  • & Many More!


It can be very difficult to stay on top of the most current rates, tariff’s and other regulatory charges that comprise a company’s utilities and can be next to impossible to know if you have the right price structure for your organization. That is where Midwest Utility Consultants comes in. After receiving a copy of your utility invoices, our company will perform a thorough analysis that will result in a detailed report showing where you can potentially save thousands of dollars each year on your facility’s utility expenses. This process can take 20 to 40 days to complete.

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Cincinnati, OH